Does the X4 Labs Penis Extender Really Benefit Penis Enlargement?

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The X4 Labs Penis Extender ranks among probably the most popular penis enlargement equipment today. This little known organization has become really famous because of this particular flagship product from its stable, and mainly because of the many comfort characteristics that it has integrated into the device. However, the question that majority of individuals are asking is whether the X4 Labs Penis Extender certainly works for penis enlargement as it is advertised.<br> <br> After a lot of tests on the item, and comparison with a number of other best penis extenders on the market at this time, we turned up at a confident conclusion regarding the X4 Labs Penis Extender. We discovered that this item does add inches to the duration of the penis (though some might feel the effects may take a long time coming) as well as enhances the girth of the penis rather substantially. For about an inch surge in the length of the penis, you could need to wait for Savage Grow Plus ( click the next web site - ) over 3 weeks. Nevertheless, the personal opinion of ours would be that in case you are getting permanent results, then the wait is not an issue at all. And what truly improves things would be that this product in addition would make the penis thicker, and that is what women adore.<br> <br> So, why does this penis extender have an edge with the other products in the market? We found that the result lies in a fact that other penis extender manufacturers have not given much believed to. This's due to the comfort factor that the X4 Labs Penis Extender offers to the wearer. This business has innovated the comfort strap technology. Earlier penis extenders were supposed to the attached to the penis with the help of an inconvenient noose, which could prove to be unpleasant after a while, in spite of the point that it had been made of silicone. The everyday strap provided with this particular extender is very flexible and wraps around the penis quite well, so that it is an incredibly cozy kind of connecting to the penis.<br> <br> And also for folks who are more employed to the noose, that's also provided in the package, which adds to the versatility of the product or service - . Everything you want-the comfort strap or the noose you ensure it is both in the package. Incidentally, this is the one extender item in the industry that provides users both choices.<br> <br> Yet another quite positive fact about the X4 Labs Penis Extender, we experienced, is that it comes with a huge number of attachments, maybe the largest quantity in the market right now. The item includes extra memory foam comfort pads, a set of 8 nickel brass extension rods of different sizes as well as an instruction CD. The extension rods help to steadily raise the traction on the penis as results commence showing. Also, there's also a bonus CD which explains - various sex positions. There are about thirty different sex positions that show to be an incentive to males to carry on their penis enlargement programs till the conclusion and experience these different sexual stances.

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